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A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List RE: Retirement The Long Run: Women and Retirement

Helping You Protect and Grow the Money You Can't Afford to Lose!

We exist to help our clients make smart decisions with their money so they have the potential to achieve their goals and live the life that's important to them.

We all want to maintain the same Lifestyle in Retirement as we did when we were working but not everyone has the the right plan to achieve their goals!  

This website is designed to help you understand the basics of financial management and to help you learn more about who we are. To start preparing for your retirement, please contact us for a commitment-free introductory meeting at (714) 912-4906.

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        Retirement Income,        Safe Growth and Long Term Care Alternatives

Protecting, Growing and Taking Home all the income you need is possible with the right plan. As an independent Fiduciary, we always place your needs 1st.

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Tax Reduction
Life Insurance
Legacy Planning

Learn ways to pay less taxes on your retirement income as well as leave more to your family. It's not only how much you make. It's how much you keep!

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Your Own Personal Financial Webpage

We help you organize all your assets, insurance, important documents, photos and videos all in one convenient, incredibly secure website made just for you.  All at no cost to you.

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Wealth Management Strategies is here to help you "Live Your Legacy."

We focus on your story, family, values, and dreams.

We believe that if we focus on your life, then we can assist you with the financial tools to make your Legacy come to reality.  

  • Protect and Safely Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg

  • Minimize Taxes

  • Protect Your Wealth from Poor Health

  • Maximize Social Security and Pension

  • Leave a Legacy For Those You Love

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Committed to Helping You Create a Worry Free Retirement

Our goal is to create SWANs. You Sleep Well ANight knowing you are on track to a long successful retirement.

Retirement Solutions to help create a Worry Free Retirement

ARE YOU READY FOR RETIREMENT?                                                          Without a retirement roadmap, the path into retirement can be difficult.      Having a comprehensive and up-to-date retirement strategy, with a knowledgeable, supportive team, can make the road ahead less strenuous.

Each individual situation is different and the recommendations will be designed for your set of circumstances, in order to meet your life's short and long term goals.

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