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Active Investment Management

At Wealth Management Strategies, Inc., we believe no two investors are alike. Therefore in order to help each client meet their financial goals, we base our process on a client focused personalized approach using multiple investment strategies.

Our advice and recommendations are tailored to our clients’ investment goals, desired return objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, cash requirements and tax situation. Our investment strategies are designed based on your long-term investment goals of preserving principal, maximizing income or accumulating capital.

Preservation of Principal is a key goal with all of our strategies

A Single Bear Market Could Destroy a Large Portion of Your Life Savings!

The more you study the history of the stock market, the more you begin to understand the real dangers of buy and hold investing. A single bear market can destroy a large portion of what you have worked all your life to save. The nation’s largest investment firms have embraced the philosophy, “the stock market, regardless of its fluctuations, will pay off for investors over the long haul.” They are confident with the “buy and hope” strategy, regardless of economic and technical fundamentals. Their theme is and has always been, “Just hang in there long enough and you will come out ahead.” Our goal is to create consistent returns without taking you on a rollercoaster ride that will want you to get out all together.

OUR SOLUTION IS: Multi- Pro-Active Managers In One Portfolio

We Utilize Pro-Active Strategies with Multi–Managers in One Portfolio to Work through Market Fluctuations. Pro-Active means following market trends and moving into safety when necessary.

We believe the days of successful passive investment management are history. In fact, I could say emphatically we believe the death of the traditional portfolio has come. Although we are in the minority, we are part of a growing community of advisors who believe the use of “essential active risk management tools” are needed in order to get through the violent markets we have and will continue to experience.

Our management strategies and programs are not suited for persons that are investing in individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds themselves with successful results. There are a lot of individuals who have actively managed through the downturns themselves. For those of you we say, “Congratulations”. You are the minority.

For the rest of you, we believe there is a better way to manage money in the market. Over the last decade a growing group of academic research has been piling up showing the advantages proactive management. We take it one step further by utilizing multi or (more than one) manager all in your portfolio. All of our managers believe in the following:

  1. Controlling Risk – Not Just Accepting It
  2. Making Good Decisions – When It Counts
  3. Adapting to Changing Market Conditions
  4. Realizing There Are Options that can produce consistent results
  5. Profiting During Long Periods of Extreme Volatility

Our Multi Managers Pro-Active Strategy is designed to help side-step major market downturns. It doesn’t mean we won’t have short term downturns and while we can’t guarantee future results, we believe this is a plan that can work in all markets and all economies. By utilizing multiple managers we have been able to reduce even short term down turns.We can adjust managers if we see a strategy inside our multi-manager platform isn’t working. Yes! We will fire a manager!

Our job is to manage the managers.
Choosing the best of the best managers is our ongoing goal and commitment to you.

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